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Prepare for setting up edge nodes

This content explains how to create an API key and gather some files and environment variable values that are needed when you set up edge nodes. Perform these steps on an admin host that can connect to your Open Horizon management hub cluster.

Before you begin

  • If you have not already installed cloudctl, see Installing cloudctl, oc, and kubectl to do that.
  • Contact your Open Horizon administrator for the information that you need to log in to the management hub via cloudctl.


  1. Use cloudctl to log in to the Open Horizon management hub. Specify the user that you want to create an API key for:

    cloudctl login -a <cluster-url> -u <user> -p <password> --skip-ssl-validation
  2. Each user who is setting up edge nodes must have an API key. You can use the same API key to set up all of your edge nodes (it is not saved on the edge nodes). Create an API key:

    cloudctl iam api-key-create "<choose-an-api-key-name>" -d "<choose-an-api-key-description>"

    Find the key value in the command output; this is the line that starts with API Key. Save the key value for future use because you cannot query it from the system later.

  3. If you have not already installed the horizon-cli package on this host, do that now. See Post installation configuration for an example of this process.

  4. Locate the and scripts that were installed as part of the horizon-cli package. These scripts are required on each edge node during setup (currently only supports edge clusters):

    • Linux example:

      ls /usr/horizon/bin/agent-{install,uninstall}.sh
    • macOS example:

      ls /usr/local/bin/agent-{install,uninstall}.sh
  5. Contact your Open Horizon administrator for help in setting these environment variables:

    export HZN_EXCHANGE_USER_AUTH=iamapikey:<api-key>
    export HZN_ORG_ID=<your-exchange-organization>
    mgmtHubIngress=$(oc get cm management-ingress-ibmcloud-cluster-info -o jsonpath='{.data.cluster_ca_domain}')
    export HZN_FSS_CSSURL=https://$mgmtHubIngress/edge-css/
    echo "export HZN_FSS_CSSURL=$HZN_FSS_CSSURL"

What’s next

When you are ready to set up edge nodes, follow the steps in Installing edge nodes.