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Technical Support

Open Horizon uses Element for community collaboration.

For Open Horizon technical support, join the LF Edge Element Room. When you join the LF Edge #open-horizon-help chat room, you can post technical and non-technical inquiries and receive help from Open Horizon community members.

Here is an example query:

I have the OH Management Hub on one machine and the Agent on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ running Raspberry Pi OS 32-bit Lite 2020-08-20 for armhf.
I can run 'hzn exchange' commands (e.g. hzn exchange status) and get results back, but the agbot doesn't seem to be registered with the mgmt hub (hzn exchange agbot list on the mgmt hub is empty.
Is there documentation on the next steps to take to get the agent connected and configured with the hub and to perform a deployment of a container?