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Accessing management hub logs

Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform logging service

To set up OpenShift Container Platform a cluster logging service, see the documentation for the supported versions:


  • To install this service, you must adjust your cluster sizing. Follow the documented instructions to install a replicated Elasticsearch, Fluentd, and Kibana (EFK) stack.

  • Elasticsearch requires significant memory and storage capacity.

Basic logging

Each Open Horizon (Open Horizon) pod sends logs to STDOUT, so they can be read with the oc logs command. Basic logging capacity is limited, and log-rotation is based on time and log output quantity.

Determine the pod that you want to obtain the logs for:

oc get pods --namespace kube-system | grep ibm-edge

This sample shows truncated output.

$ oc get pods --namespace kube-system | grep ibm-edge
ibm-edge-agbot-5f96655f47-6g97f                           1/1     Running     0          5h16m
ibm-edge-agbot-5f96655f47-jzdfv                           1/1     Running     0          5h16m
ibm-edge-agbotdb-create-cluster-4mk7m                     0/1     Completed   0          7d
ibm-edge-agbotdb-creds-gen-rfhd2                          0/1     Completed   0          7d
ibm-edge-agbotdb-keeper-0                                 1/1     Running     0          7d

Tail the last 10 lines of the log for the first agbot pod in the previous list.

oc logs ibm-edge-agbot-5f96655f47-6g97f --tail=10

This sample shows an example of output.

$ oc logs ibm-edge-agbot-5f96655f47-6g97f --tail=10
I0612 02:25:38.878379       8 agreementbot.go:660] AgreementBotWorker done queueing deferred commands
I0612 02:25:38.878475       8 handle_retry_agreements.go:15] AgreementBotWorker Handling retries: retry agreements:
I0612 02:25:38.878613       8 handle_retry_agreements.go:25] AgreementBotWorker agreement retry is empty
I0612 02:25:38.878705       8 agreementbot.go:761] AgreementBotWorker work queues: Basic High: 0, Low: 0
I0612 02:25:38.878791       8 agreementbot.go:602] AgreementBotWorker retrieving messages from the exchange
I0612 02:25:38.878932       8 rpc.go:860] Exchange RPC Invoking exchange GET at http://ibm-edge-exchange/v1/orgs/IBM/agbots/ieam-test-agbot/msgs with <nil>
I0612 02:25:38.892274       8 rpc.go:911] Exchange RPC Got 404. Response to GET at http://ibm-edge-exchange/v1/orgs/IBM/agbots/ieam-test-agbot/msgs is {"messages":[],"lastIndex":0}
I0612 02:25:38.892302       8 agreementbot.go:987] AgreementBotWorker retrieved 0 messages
I0612 02:25:38.892312       8 agreementbot.go:651] AgreementBotWorker done processing messages
I0612 02:25:38.892333       8 worker.go:348] CommandDispatcher: AgBot command processor non-blocking for commands