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Installing the hzn CLI

The hzn command is the Open Horizon command line interface. When you install the Open Horizon agent software on an edge node, the hzn CLI is automatically installed. But you can also install the hzn CLI without the agent. For example, an edge administrator might want to query the Open Horizon exchange or an edge developer might want to test with hzn commands, without the full agent.

  1. Get the agentInstallFiles-<edge-device-type>.tar.gz file from your management hub administrator, where <edge-device-type> matches the host where you installing hzn. They were already created in Gather the necessary information and files for edge devices. Copy this file to the host where you are installing hzn.

  2. Set the file name in an environment variable for subsequent steps:

    export AGENT_TAR_FILE=agentInstallFiles-<edge-device-type>.tar.gz
  3. Extract the horizon_cli package from the agentInstallFiles-<edge-device-type>.tar.gz tar file:

    tar -zxvf $AGENT_TAR_FILE 'horizon-cli*'
  4. Install the horizon-cli package:

    • Confirm that the package version is the same as the device agent listed in Components.

    • On a debian-based distro:

      sudo apt update && sudo apt install ./horizon-cli*.deb
    • On a RPM-based distro:

      sudo yum install ./horizon-cli*.rpm
    • On macOS:

      sudo security add-trusted-cert -d -r trustRoot -k /Library/Keychains/System.keychain horizon-cli.crt
      sudo installer -pkg horizon-cli-*.pkg -target /
      pkgutil --pkg-info   # confirm version installed

      Note: On macOS, you can also install the horizon-cli pkg file from Finder: Double-click the file to open the installer. If you get an error message that says the program β€œcannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer,” right-click the file and select Open. Click Open again when prompted β€œAre you sure you want to open it?”. Then, follow the prompts to install the CLI horizon package, ensuring your ID has administrator privileges.

Uninstalling the hzn CLI

If you want to remove the horizon-cli package from a host:

  • Uninstall horizon-cli from a debian-based distro:

    sudo apt-get remove horizon-cli
  • Uninstall horizon-cli from an RPM-based distro:

    sudo yum remove horizon-cli
  • Or uninstall horizon-cli from macOS: