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Application-centric Connectivity demo


This demo illustrates how a deployed application can be automatically connected to remote resources, and then how that connectivity can follow the application as it moves to other locations without downtime by creating a Virtual Application Network (VAN). Those connections are not intra-cluster or intra-sub-net connectivity, but also includes inter-cluster and inter-cloud connectivity.

Use Cases

  1. Using CI/CD automation to connect deployed applications to remote services
  2. Moving a network overlay to a new location without disrupting an applicationโ€™s connectivity
  3. Showing application connectivity resilliency in the face of a network segment going down
  4. Enabling application mobility


Connecting Open Horizon deployed apps using Skupper in 1 minute (1 minute, no audio)

Deep Dive (8 minutes)

Code repositories

Architecture overview

Commercial Adoption

  • IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh