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Open Horizon (Open Horizon) includes several components that are bundled with the product.

View the following table for a description of the Open Horizon components:

Component Version Description
Open Horizon management hub 4.5.0 The Open Horizon management hub manages the edge nodes and the edge service software lifecycle on each edge node.
Agbot 2.30.0-1177 Agreement bot (agbot) instances are created centrally and are responsible for deploying workloads and machine learning models to Open Horizon edge nodes.
Exchange API 2.110.1-1003 The Exchange API provides a REST API to all of the Open Horizon resources (patterns, policies, services, nodes, and so on) used by all the other components in Open Horizon.
Model Management System (MMS) 1.9.10-1177 The Model Management System (MMS) facilitates the storage, delivery, and security of models and files needed by edge services. This enables edge nodes to easily send and receive models and files to and from the management hub.
Secure Device Onboard (SDO) 1.11.16-913 The Secure Device Onboarding (SDO) service enables SDO-enabled edge devices to be configured with zero touch.
FIDO Device Onboard (FDO) 1.0.0-110 The FDO component, FIDO Device Onboard, is a device onboarding scheme from the FIDO Alliance that enables technology created by Intel, which makes it simple and secure to configure edge devices and associate them with an edge management hub.
Secrets Manager 1.1.1-641 The Secrets Manager is the repository for secrets deployed to edge devices, enabling services to securely receive credentials used to authenticate to their upstream dependencies.
Edge node   Any edge device, edge cluster, or edge gateway where edge computing takes place.
Edge cluster agent 2.30.0-1177 The agent that is installed on edge clusters to enable node workload management by Open Horizon.
Edge device agent 2.30.0-1177 The agent that is installed on edge devices to enable node workload management by Open Horizon.
ESS 1.9.10-1177 The edge node part of MMS that makes AI models and files available to the edge services.
Example edge services 2.27.0 Edge service examples that are useful when exploring Open Horizon and learning how to write your own services.