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Open Horizon demos


Open Horizon is an extensible solution for automatic and autonomous remote placement decision-making for containerized workloads and related machine learning assets.

Open Horizon securely negotiates and places these workloads and assets as it is able based on connectivity status and matching properties and constraints. It includes features like dynamic secrets binding, dynamic runtime dependency resolution, support for major container runtimes, zero-touch edge node provisioning with FIDO Device Onboard, FDO voucher hosting and ownership transfer management, and bi-directional asset synchronization. All of this is specified by a simple no-code configuration approach based on nodes, services, models, and deployments. Valid deployment targets include Linux and MacOS operating systems, and the following micro-architectures:

  • amd64 (x86_64)
  • arm32 and arm64, including Mac M1 and M2
  • ppc64le
  • risc-v
  • s390x

Commercial Adoption

  • IBM Edge Application Manager
  • Falcon Tactical Edge
  • IBM Hybrid Cloud Mesh