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Handsfree Device Onboarding demo


This demo show how hardware supporting the FIDO Device Onboard (FDO) specification can be provisioned with zero touch. It will illustrate this by provisioning an Advantech edge device whose ownership voucher has been loaded into the Open Horizon Management Hub and whose profile has been configured as a Project EVE edge node that will register with the LF Edge Sandbox. When power and connectivity has been added to the edge node, it will reach out to a rendezvous server, authenticate itself, begin the ownership transfer process, and then download and run an initialization package to register the device with the LF Edge Sandbox … all in a matter of minutes.


Zero touch edge onboard in 1 minute (no audio)

Zero touch edge onboard with demo (4 minutes)

Code repositories

Architecture overview

FIDO Device Onboard solution diagram

Commercial Adoption

  • IBM Edge Application Manager
  • Falcon Tactical Edge