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Open Horizon Agent Documentation

Automatic agent upgrade using policy based node management

Automatic agent upgrade is a policy-based node management feature that allows an org admin to create node management policies that deploy upgrade jobs to nodes and manages them autonomously. This allows the administrator to ensure that all the nodes in the system are using the intended versions.

Instructions for starting an agent in a container on Linux

Use these instructions to start the agent in a container and have more control over the details than that allowed by the horzion-container script.

Horizon Agreement Bot APIs

This section contains the Horizon JSON APIs for the Horizon system running an Agreement Bot.

Horizon APIs

This section contains the Horizon REST APIs for the Horizon agent running on an edge node.

Horizon Attributes

This section contains the definition for each attribute that can be set on the POST /attribute API or the POST /service/config API.

Policy Properties

There are built-in property names that can be used in the policies.

Deployment Policy

A deployment policy is just one aspect of the deployment capability, and is described here in detail.

Horizon Deployment Strings

When defining services in the Horizon Exchange, the deployment field defines how the service will be deployed.

Horizon Edge Service Detail

Open Horizon manages the lifecycle, connectivity, and other features of services it launches on a device. This section is intended for developers creating Horizon service container workload definitions.

Model Object

Model objects in Open Horizon are the metadata representation of application metadata objects.

Policy based deployment

The policy based deployment support in Open Horizon enables containerized workloads (services) to be deployed to edge nodes that are running the Horizon agent and which are registered to an Open Horizon Management Hub.

Policy Properties and Constraints

Properties and constraints are the foundation of the policy expressions used to direct Open Horizon’s workload deployment engine.

Service Definition

Open Horizon deploys services to edge nodes, where those services are comprised of at least one container image and a configuration that conditions how the service executes.